If you find yourself asking if online businesses or entrepreneurship is for you, you’re in the right place.  Do you want to learn what the risks are and the do’s and don’t of small businesses, you’re in the right place. Turns out I’ve been through a couple journeys myself and have a thing or two to say to you. Being a millennial, adulting, working in corporate america while trying to manage a family is freaking hard. The reality is we find ourselves in a situation where one job isn’t enough or simply don’t want to waste our life away.

I’ve been there, felt that. I can tell you how many things I’ve tried, why I failed, and why you should learn from my experience and do better. Seriously, check out the series I have available under my blog, hopefully you don’t have to spend a ton of money and hours on mistakes. You’ll learn about the options currently out there and hopefully narrow it down to what best fits you.

You might be wondering “Why the heck should I listen to her?” and it all comes down to experience my dear. A word we hate to hear, but know its 100% true. Everyone’s different yes, but find out what YOU shouldn’t do and it’ll take you closer to where you want to be, FREE.

I found interest in business when I was in high school, I wanted to my my moms accountant when she started her small business. I realized that I actually wanted to help other small business owners as well. I got my BS in Accounting and have a well paying job in a prestigious company. BUT…then I had a daughter who was born at 24 weeks. It flipped my world completely upside down and I decided I wanted to be a stay at home mom. Every waking moment that I was away from my daughter while she was in the hospital made me hate the fact that I had to go back to work. So I started to look for ways to bring in extra income, and in came the trial and errors. I still work at my job but I’m constantly looking forward to the day where I say…I quit.

dj_huggie snapcodeLike you I wan’t to travel, manage my OWN time without having to call off work. I want to be there for my family when there are hard times, and even for the good times. I’d love to go shopping just for the heck of it! Maybe spoil a friend or two, cuz why not? So what do you say, do you want in on all the juicy tips? You got two options, either follow me on Snapchat or stay posted for the good stuff and follow me on Pinterest 😉