Finance Apps To Help Get You Started

Hey!! Below is a list of the finance apps that have helped get me started. Whether you need help budgeting, saving, investing or setting up retirement these have all been my go to. Please note that an app will NOT replace a financial adviser but will definitely help you get started.

8 finance apps to help you get started on budgeting, saving, investing and retiring.

Budgeting Apps

MINT – I’ve been using the Mint app since my college days. It’s helped me manage my bills, budget on my spending, and more. I have yet to use it to it’s fullest potential but once you connect all your accounts (and I mean all including my husbands) it really helps us put everything into perspective. Definitely a great finance app if you just want to keep track of everything, hands-off.

NERDWALLET – So this one I just recently learned about. I haven’t connected all the accounts because it took me forever to do it with Mint, I’m taking my time on this one. On the app you can create goals like raising your credit and it’ll give tips on how to get started. So far I’m liking this one slightly better than Mint, if your more hands-on.

Saving Apps

DIGIT  – Check out Digit. It’s a service that automatically saves your money, so you don’t have to think about it. You’ll get 100 days free, after that it’s only $2.99/mth after that which I think is definitely worth it. That might be a turnoff for some, but if you simply just SUCK at saving this app could be worth it. I setup my Christmas savings account here and saved $1,000 throughout the whole year. Yeah, totally doable.

GOOGLE OPINION REWARDS – This one is a game changer. My husband and I have rented countless movie, bought music albums and movies and a couple other things from this. They changed the rules a bit because they do PayPal payouts now, but you an still redeem your credits for in-app purchases (Play Music, Play Movies, etc.) Looooove it!!!

HONEY – This one isn’t really an app, but its worth sharing. While shopping online, before checkout use Honey to see if you apply for additional coupons and discount, it’s saved me a couple of bucks 🙂

Investing Apps

ACORNS – If you know you want to have money for the future and see it grow, but have very little means than Acorns is for you. This app takes your spare change from everyday purchases and invests them across a platform of stocks (which if you know nothing about, its probably the safest way to do it.) You can also choose to invest a specific amount monthly if that works for you.

ROBINHOOD – This app is if you know what companies you want to directly invest in, i.e. Amazon, Netflix, Alibaba, etc. Just remember to not keep all your eggs in one basket, try to invest in more than just one company. This app will also let you do that by letting you purchase stock from various index funds.

Retirement Apps

BETTERMENT – If your job currently doesn’t provide a retirement account, or you’d like to start setting up a second long-term account this app is one of the best and super easy! Setting up an account sounds scary because your not 100% if you making the right choice, but the right choice is to start now when it comes to saving for your future, plus you have access to an advisor.

WEALTHFRONT – If you trust technology and data, the Wealthfront app allows you to connect your accounts, which they analyze and then create a personal financial plan for you. It helps you create retirement, saving accounts and investments based on YOU. The app is so user friendly and provides tips on how to improve your finances on the daily.

In all…

These are apps that I’ve found to be easy and user friendly, but please make sure to do your own research to find out which is best for you. The point is to get started today so you don’t have regrets tomorrow. Also, technology is great, but when it doubt feel free to reach out to someone! Never hurts to learn more from others.

Huguet Valladares is a Personal Finance Advisor dedicated to educating latinos, millennials and young professionals on how to get their finances straight. She is a wife to a wonderful Nicaraguan and mother to a beautiful 24wk old preemie. If you are ready to take “Adulting” to the next and final level, Finances, feel free to contact her at no risk. She is 100% committed to providing her best advise to get you out of debt, save for your future, and live financially free.

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